Aloof Studio Works

A clear direction and unique identity, to be more selective and focused, respected and recognised – these were just some of the issues this interior design team were grappling with when we first met them. From what to call the business to who their audience should be, and how to attract them, there was plenty to consider.

Across a series of workshops, we brought to light a bold new route forward: to shift their focus away from the Residential sector and concentrate instead on Commercial work. Even more specifically, interiors for healthcare practices, where their fresh take on how these environments could look and feel, was setting a new standard.

Once we had built their confidence in only pursuing this niche market, we embarked on creating a completely new identity. This touched every element of their business, from a new website, to art directing their portfolio of imagery, and setting an agenda for documentation and communications.

In a very short space of time, they have reached full capacity in terms of new business wins, exclusively in their new category. Informed by their Residential experience, these new spaces are relaxing and luxurious, their impact reflected in better recruitment and retention, happier patients and staff.

WalkerMalagoni: Brand Strategy, Naming, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Copywriting, Website