Aloof Studio Works

A highly respected garden and landscape design practice, Marcus Barnett Studio came to us with an exciting wish list for change. They wanted to identify a clearer way forward and to attract the best projects and talent by raising their profile within the design community. The studio also wanted to tell a more compelling story and for us to create a brand identity that wrapped all these aspirations together, galvanizing their team with a strong sense of purpose and ownership.

We comprehensively reshaped their brand and communications to reposition them and to reflect and complement the beauty of their gardens and landscapes. This involved redesigning every single touchpoint throughout the practice, spanning the entire arc of a client’s experience, from initial enquiry to completed project.

The profile of the practice has grown significantly and in 2018 they purchased and designed a new London studio. Recent and current projects include a collaboration with designer John Pawson on a vineyard in Sardinia, an expansive landscape with Richard Parr Associates and the prestigious OWO Residences by Raffles in London.

Aloof Studio did not rest until they were entirely comfortable in their search for precision in defining our tone, brand and culture. They are a highly intelligent team who took great care in arriving at their conclusions. They are professional creatives who guided and worked very closely with us in the re-branding of the business.

Integrity and patience were always at the forefront of their actions to help us achieve the very best and most appropriate and creative result.

Marcus Barnett\
Principal\Marcus Barnett Studio

Marcus Barnett Studio: Brand Strategy, Naming, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Film, Copywriting, Website, Signage and Environmental Graphics, Print and Production, Brand Maintenance