Aloof Studio Works

Irenie Cossey approached us at a time of transition. She had spent the last two decades working with major design studios and brands and now wanted to create a space, primarily a new and more comprehensive website, to showcase her work as an independent design consultant in her own right.

We began by defining Irenie’s value, process and services. Her design services are exceptionally broad, so we made sense of, and brought focus to them, breaking them down into accessible entry points for new business enquiries. At the same time, we determined a new name and brand identity. Film and photography of her ideas generation process and her consultancy work were commissioned, and we art directed a significant back catalogue of work.

Irenie’s sketch work, colour work and mood boards provided us with a framework to capture and showcase her frequent role in the concept and ideas generation stage of projects. This content also quietly leveraged her collaborations with an impressive collection of creatives, artisans and craftspeople.

This project was not just about navigating my past 25 years and extracting the milestones, it was about gathering the projects and translating them into a way of representing how I work and how I will present myself.

Aloof pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me. They gave me confidence to show a cross section of my work and helped me to define the services I offer. The essence of who I am, how I work, the lightness and process and along with the importance of keeping my personality, was very important to me.

I had worked with Aloof Studio previously - they always retained my energy, creativity and unique approach to how I see the world. It was not an easy task for them or indeed me - hours and hours of conversations, diagrams, emails, zooms, scanning, ideas and more ideas!

The sensitivity, incredible attention and care they bring to a project is what makes it so special working together. I finally have a beautiful on line home and am very proud of what we’ve achieved.

Irenie Cossey\
Founder\Irenie Studio

Irenie Studio: Brand Strategy, Naming, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Film, Motion Graphics, Copywriting, Website