Aloof Studio Works

The balance for Architype had tipped a little too far in favour of their sustainability credentials when we first met them, particularly when pitching for work. This meant their other core strengths – human-centric architecture and beautifully designed schemes, often within challenging socio-economic circumstances, were not always getting the recognition they deserved.

This disparity was our starting point, showing how they could champion design and process alongside their Passivhaus capabilities, in order to bolster their aim of becoming the UK's leading creative and sustainable-led architects. Communications became a more equal balance of design, sustainability and people-focused expertise. Case studies, formerly just a presentation of the final building, now explored the detail of each project.

The rebranding and new website, launched on Architype’s 30th anniversary, have now been in place for a decade, and continue to steer and reinforce the brand. During this time a third office has opened in Edinburgh and the team has grown from 50 to 80 employees.

As the new vision emerges so does a newfound confidence which is directing us towards an exciting future. The new website is quite simply fantastic! It works brilliantly on a laptop and an iPhone, and conveys our ethos and work in the way I hoped it would. Thank you to you both and your team for your creativity, hard work, patience and design quality.

Ben Humphries\
Associate Director\Architype

We set off on a well-needed journey with a lot of enthusiasm but probably not expecting the kind of encounter we were going to have. That was the start of the process of working with Aloof Studio to take on our rebranding including the redesign of our website and other paraphernalia. Sam made it clear that it was not just about the products but more developing a state of mind, this was like a de-cluttering exercise, editing, refinement and focusing on who we are, what we wanted to be and how we are going to communicate this to the rest of the world, or more specifically, the sectors that we wanted to be known in.

After some strong initial challenges to our ideas and existing marketing products it was clear that a radical rethink was needed. To this end we were guided skilfully by Sam's firm hand, helping craft our responses using the skills of his team to illustrate a different way of representing Architype.

As the new vision emerges so does a newfound confidence which is directing us towards an exciting future.

Mark Lumley\

Architype: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Copywriting, Website, Print and Production, Brand Maintenance